The Year 2011 in Five Minutes

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The year 2011 was a year of big news, devastating natural catastrophes ( tsunamis, floods, storms), and political revolutions. I have read somewhere online an article about the mystery of this year. Th author claimed according to some zodiac statistics  that whenever the number 1 appears two times in a year then that year will not be like the other years. He went forward and gave many examples about this, but to what extent this is true is up to the logic by which you and only you uses to interact with the world surrounding you.

It is true so many huge events took place in the last year. A turmoil is blowing ove the Arab world . It started in Tunisia and expanded to reach all the arab countries. Three arab presidents stepped down : Mubarak ( Egypt), Ben Ali ( Tunisia ), Saleh ( Yemen ) and some others will soon come down like Asad of Syria. At least two presidents died , Ghadaffi ( Libya ) was killed by rebels, and Kim Jong ( North Korea) died a couple of weeks ago.Some celebrities have died, some nations have been hit by the most devastating tsunami ever. There are in fact too many major events that I can not cover in a single post. I have instead included here a video that sums up these events and more in just about 5 minutes. The following video is about the most popular tweets of the year 2011 and through them you can read the history of a whole year in just minutes.