Wordstash is a Great Vocabulary Learning Tool

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Wordstash is a cool online tool that help learners expand their vocabulary. It offers innovative and intuitive ways to enrich your linguistic repertoire without getting bored. Wordstash helps users grow their vocabulary by providing word definitions together with the ability to " statsh" words on a list manager for a later study or review.


If you are a language teacher then this website can be a very good learning  tool to introduce to your students.Show them how it works and they will surprise you. Let technology help you some in your teaching.

How does Wordstash work ?

First, Wordstash requires a registration. Click on sign up and open an account there. This service is completely free. Once logged in you can then key in a word to read its definition, hear its pronunciation or toggle its synonyms. You can also get tweets for the word you entered and see how it is used in a sentence from an online article.

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On the right side of the website you will see a list of the most popular wordlists including "the 100 most common SAT wordsWorld CapitalsVocabulary From Jeopardy, and more"

 Head over to Wordstash and give it a try.