Watch Math Concepts in Clips Using Maths in Movies

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Maths in Movies is a cool website developed by a Harvard Mathematics professor called Oliver Knill. This website, as its name suggests, displays movie clips that include math discussions. It features hundreds of clips and there are no restrictions on the movie or scene type or the type of mathematics being discussed. You can find all kinds of math in different movie clips starting from classic to today's movies.

The clips are free and anyone can access them. There is no registration or any software installation. Every clip is  accompanied by a description and you have the choice to either stream the clip in Flash format or download it as a Quicktime file with the W4V format.When you find an interesting movie clip just click on its title and you will be directed to its  IMD page for more information about it.

The website also offers an option for mobile browsing so that smartphone users can also benefit from its services.
Here is a snapshot of how the clips look like

Head over to Maths in Movies and give it a try.