Vocaro A Great Free Voice Recording Service

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Vocaro is a great voice recording service. It allows you to easily and instantly record your voice and share it with  others. What I really liked about Vocaro is its simplicity and user friendliness. Most of the voice recording systems are complicated and hard to use and that is why teachers shun away from them. Vocaro offers a different experience. It has an intuitive interface and is free to use.

Vocaro is like QR Voice for they both can be used to record audio clips and probably share them with your students in the class. You can record anwsers to assignments that students would listen to at the end of each task.
To start using Vocaro , just head over to their main page and start recording your voice but it is better if you  sign up up  and have your account there.
Here is a sample of a short audio clip I made using Vocaro.