VocabSushi The Easiest Way to Expand your Vocabulary

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VocabSushi is a good tool for English language learners. It helps its users build up their vocabulary in such an interactive way by seeing word usage in daily news. It is conventional fact that words are easily memorised when  used in real world  contexts than if they are provided in single definitions. VocabSushi offers several techniques to help users enrich their vocabulary. Here is what it can help you do :


  1. Practice new words by filling out the sentence completion questions
  2. Learn the correct pronunciations of words by playing MP3 audio files
  3. It tracks the general progress of your vocabulary
  4. Based on your learning abilities, it will skip words you already know and suggests new terms that are more challenging
  5. It provides words in real world context and in easy to understand sentences.

VocabSushi is free but requires a registration. Just head over to its main page and sign up for a free account.

Watch this video to learn more about VocabSushi

VocabSushi Video Tour (Main Site) from Vocab Sushi on Vimeo.