Useful Tips on How to Use Google To Improve your Research

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Google is the backbone of Internet and we can not imagine the world wide web without the services of this search engine. I am personally a very big fan of it and I have written several articles about its products. I have almost covered all of its services from Google Docs to Google Social Search. There are special sections in my blog devoted entirely for Google tools. You can check out these to learn more :

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I will not be repeating myself again here in trying to show you the importance of Google in education for I have said that in over 50 articles during the last year but will instead jump right into the topic of this post. Below is an infographic that summarizes the techniques and methods we need to use to get the best out of this service. Many educators and teachers still think that all it takes to search in Google is to plug in random words in that empty search bar and hope with crossed fingers that what they are seeking will magically pop up. Unfortunately this is not the case, there are some tips and tricks that you need to be equipped with to get the most out of this search engine.

Read attentively the infographic below and try to put to test the tips it provides and you will see by yourself the efficiency  of those methods. Make sure to share it with your colleagues and students.

Get more out of Google
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