Understand How Our Minds Work and how To Improve Our Memory

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Memory, that black box we have inside, is something unique to the humankind. Do you think Animals have the ability to recall and remember things? If they do then they would have feelings such as happiness, sadness and so forth. You might think that a dog barking loudly at somebody getting close to the house is in a state of anger and so has a sense of feeling. No that is not the case , animals have only stable and rigidly fixed chains of stimulus-response behaviour that accompany them  forever and never develop. This is exactly why you can not see a cat smiling and showing you his teeth or a monkey winking at you. These are unique human gestures. I would stop it here for I am getting off topic here.I want to talk about the philosophical aspect of the memory and brain but I know I am running short of space and time for there is an interesting infographic below  that I want you to concentrate on .

This Infographic covers the topic of Memory. It talks about methods to strengthen our remembrance ability, things that impair our memory and how to better keep your memory healthy. This inforgraphic is really a great piece of work and it is worth sharing with your colleagues, friends and students. Yes share it with your students and let them see how they can improve their memory through a set of useful ideas.

All thanks go to Muhammad Saleem for providing me with the link to this infographic and to Online Colleges for producing and hosting it.

How Memory Works
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