Spraylist Download and Stream Free Music Online

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Splaylist is a great web tool for music fans. I know one of the hardest things with looking for free songs that you can stream and download for free is the spam content you would always get in the search results. It would take you a long time to stumble upon a good musical website, the same thing applies to movie websites. Many people all around the world look for free music and movies online that is why so many websites were designed with the sole goal of gaining clicks on ads at thr expense of good quality content.


Splaylist is not like most of those websites. It is completey free and does not require any sign up or registration. All you need to do is head over to its main page type in the name of your favourite song or singer and there you go.
click on a song name to begin streaming it within your browser or use the “Save target as” option from your browser to save the song on your computer. Songs you download are in the MP3 format and usually with a bit rate of 192kbps or higher."