Speechify Add Voice Search to your Search Engines

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Speechify is a great Chrome extension. It provides voice search option for most search engines. If you are familiar with Google Voice Search where an icon appears in the search box on Google homepage. Users click on that icon and start speaking out their query and see it being typed in real time without having to touch their keyboards. Speechify extends this service to other search platforms and websites. You will no longer need to type your queries just voice them out and get your results.

The accuracy of this tool is not always 100 percent. You need to say the words correctly and no room for mispronunciation yet it is useful and can do a good job.

" With Speechify you can access many online services and use speech input to search and shop. Search Google, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube, Twitter and many more. "

Head over to Chrome store and give it a try.