QR Voice Record and Share your Voice in QR Boxes

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QR Voice is an awesome tool. You have probably already seen those QR boxes in some products and newspapers. These are mainly black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white backgrounds. These QR codes contain information in the form of data that can be scanned. The same principle goes on to QR Voice for it allows you to create QR codes that when scanned will paly a short  audio message.

QR Voice can be used by teacher to record their audio messages and print them out in the form of QR codes and then hand them out together with due assignments to students. To check the correct answers  students would have recourse to these QR codes, they can scan them and listen to the answers.

QR Voice is very easy to use . To create your own QR code you just need to press on the microphone icon  in the empty bar and record your audio message . You can also type in your message if you dont feel like recording your voice and in either way you are allowed just 100 characters.

Head over to QR Voice and give it a try