Protect your Pasword Using PassCreator

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PassCreator is a cool web tool. It helps you create strong passwords. As you know password are the key to our digital identity and if your password is weak then you can become an easy prey to the roaming hackers. There is one general tip that many online security experts insist on which is that  a password should never be more than a year old.I have just changed my Gmail password with the entry of the new year. It does not take anything to change it but it does take so much if you do not protect your identity.

PassCreator will help you generate a good password based on the attributes you give it . You need to specify  the number of character, character type to let it do the job for you. I really find this website a good tool for those who are having  a mental block thinking up a new password.

Head over to PassCreator and give it a try.