Photopin Great Resource for Free and Licensed Photos

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Photo pin is a website that offers Creative Commons Licensed images. This is in a fact a great phoro resource for teachers  and educators. They can use it to post photos to their classroom blogs , make presentations and sldeshows and create video productions.

Photo pin is easy to use. It has a search box where you can type in your topic and preview the image before you can finally download it. The thing about photos downloaded in Photo pin is that they always have a credit link back  to the photo owner. We should teach our students how to  respect copyrights and give back credit when using someone else' production.

"PhotoPin uses the Flickr API and searches creative commons photos to use for your blog. (Note: we are not associated with Flickr in any way, other than powering our search results using their API.)"

 Head over to Photo pin and explore more features.