Newsy Watch the World s News in Videos Fetched from Several Channels

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Newsy is a good website for people who like to keep track of the latest news events in the world. Some people do not like reading news but rather prefer watching it and Newsy can help them do just that. It aggregates news videos from multiple sources and stream then on its homepage. Among the sources Newsy depends on in fetching its news stories are : BBC, CNN, ABC News, Aljazeera and several others. You can access videos from all these channels right from a single page.

You can either watch videos at random or sort them according to the category or tags such as the most popular, the highest rated or highest commented. What is really nice of Newsy website is the fact that above each video you will find the news sources and below it user comments, and text transcript  of the video. It also allows its users to share the videos they watch either using an embeded code or via different social media websites.

YouTube Trends and TiltView are other similar tools that might interest you as well.

Head over to Newsy and give it a try.