Make your Own Books for Free Using Apple iBooks Author App

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In conjunction with the release of iBooks app, the digital textbook app, Apple has also announced the launch of its new iBooks Author app that is designed specifically to help users create ebooks.. It seems quite obvious that Apple is moving some of the focus of its technology into education. They  knows that there is a big potential in this ' promising market " and so a few smart investments in it will boost up their company's gainings. As educators and educational technology experts we would but welcome all these innovations and wish that the competition would heat up between all the major corporations to come up with new products to fooster education.

Some features of iBooks Author App

Here is a list of the manin features that iBooks Author app offers to its users :

  • It is free
  • It lets users create  apple ebooks
  • It provides a variety of different book templates
  • It offers several customization options to users such as the layout, design , cover etc
  • It lets users include multimedia features to their ebooks
  • Users can choose and customize theor ebooks 'table of contents, chapters an sections
  • There are several page layout users can choose from
  • It allows for importing text directly from a page or Word file
  • Users can integrate some interactive widgets into their pages such as images, 3D objects, video, photo slideshows, quiz questions,custom HTML and keynote presentations.
  • Users can preview their ebooks on their iPads before publishing
  • Ebooks are stored in the library of iBooks store

iBooks Author seems to be a great idea in the democratization of knowledge sharing and information access but to what extent this new experience will succeed is a question that   needs  some time to see how things go  before judging the usability of this app.

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Here is a video about iBooks Author