A List of Great Educational Infographics

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I see there is a lot of interaction with the infographics I post here and that proves that you like the visually appealing posts. I do too and I think most of the people like to learn visually. Your students would love to have visual aids integrated into their classroom . It will drive off some of the boredom that looms around and would  give life to group work activities. I have been covering several infographics  in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. All of these infographics are educational and can be used in classrooms.

The following is a list of some of  the most important infographics that you need to bookmark and share with your colleagues and students.

First here is a short video featuring the importance of Infographics in education.

Infographics as a Creative Assessment from Kathy Schrock on Vimeo.

here is the list.

1- What Freshmen Need to Know about Colleges

2- The Internet League You Need to Know

3- Affordable Education for Everyone

4- How to Choose The Right College

5- Five Funny Infographics for Teachers and Students

6- Left Vs Right Brain Learn Where you Belong to

7- The Digital Promise for Education

8- Do We Teach to The Test

9- The Downfall of American Public Education

10- Google Search Tips

11- Google Vs Facebook Privacy Settings and Security Issues

12- What are The Easiest Languages to Learn

13- Language and The Brain Intricate Relationship

14- Mobile Learning The Next Trend in Education

15- YouTube Killed Tv

16- Tips on how to Use Google To Improve your Search Skills

17- The Effect of Social Media

18- Understand how our Mind and Memory Work

19- How Educators Use Social Media

20- Amazing Facts about Students Learning Via Smartphones

21- Google and your Memory The Obscurerelationship

22-  SDTs in Campuses Alarming Stats and Facts

23- SOPA and PIPA for Educators