List of Free Emailing Tools to Fight off Spam and Scamers and Keep a Clean Inbox

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This post features the major Email tools I have covered here during this week. We all have issues of some sort with our emails. Some complain about being  overrun with spam and wondering how to stop that; others claim to be victims of suspicious and fraud emails.

Call for action emails, emails prompting you to click on certain links whose sender you never heard tale of, should  really raise a red flag for you. What is even worse  is that you get emails under the name of one of your friends thinking that it is him only to discover that you have been dumped by a scam. I would highly advise you to watch what you click on. You can use a little trick I always do before clicking on a link. Just hover your mouse over the link and look down on the left side of your screen a will see a bar  popping up containing the URL of that link. Compare the URL displayed in that bar with the link included in the email.
For instance you would get an email prompting you to click on a link that reads about Educational technology  but when you hover your mouse upon it you would see a URL that directs to a porn website or other website that has nothing to do with the link. Do not click when there is a mismatch .  Anyway this is just one tip among hundreds  available for vigilant internet users. I will probably cover some of these tips in a single post in the future. For now you can try these Email tools they are equally important.`

1- Send Email 

Send Email is  an anonymous emailing service. It allows its users to send emails anonymously. This service is free and down to earth easy. It does not require any sign up or software installation.

2- DeadFake

DeadFakeis a fake email service. This explains he spam mail you might be getting in your inbox in the form of emails coming from people you know and as soon as you open them you become a victim of phishing or your computer crashes or run the risk of loosing your private information like pin codes and passwords.

3-Block Disposable Email Address

Block Disposable Email Address ( DEA ) as its name suggest is a web tool that allows its users to detect whether emails are fake or valid

4- Easy Email Extractor

Easy Email Extractor is a desktop application that lets you extract email addresses from files, folders, documents text strings and web pages. 

5- Tools to Create Disposable Emails

There are many online free services that offer disposabe or one time use email addresses. You can use these emails to test whether the website you want to register with is really what it claims to be or not without having to risk your inbox.

6- Advice to All Teachers Using Web2.0

Be it a teacher , student or whomever you are and since you are here in this educational technology blog whose niche focuses primarily on the application and integration of web2.0 tools in education then I think this advice concerns you as well .