A List of Awesome YouTube Tools to Crop, subtitle, download, convert and save videos

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YouTube is one of the indispensable media resources online. It has grown over the last couple of years and largely expanded since its purchase by Google to become one  of the dominant video hosting platforms. Be it you are browsing Youtube itself or reading an article in  a website, chances are a video from Youtube is likely to be found there. It is a form of free social marketing YouTube has developed making it easy for anyone to share its videos with others online.

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With the growing popularity of YouTube there emerged several tools designed specifically to help users perform certain tasks on YouTube videos such as cropping, saving, sharing, downloading and many more. Not all these tools are free and some you need to pay for to start using. Luckily enough there is a bunch of important applications that are completely free and can be easily used by anyone to do the same job.

1- YouTube by Click

YouTube by Click  is a great web tool that allows its users to download videos from youtube. Here are some features of this application:

  1. It is free
  2. It Installs toolbar in your browser that you can use to search for and download YouTube videos into MP3 and MP4 format
  3. It requires a quick installation of the toolbar

2- Watch Together

Watch2gether is a cool web 2.0  application. It ,as its name implies , allows its users to watch Youtube videos simultaneously. You can now share and enjoy youtube videos with your colleagues in real time.......

3- YouTube to Ringtone Converter

This is a user friendly web application that lets users convert YouTube videos to ringtones to use in their phones. Some of the features of this app :

It is free
It has an intuitive interface
It lets you convert YouTube videos  into ringtones
You can select start and end markers for your ringtone
It supports  MP3, AAC, M4R, MP4, OGG, and WMA output formats.

Here are some other similar tools to convert YouTube to Ringtone  :
1- Tube2Tone
2- MadRingtones
3- Brinked Ringtone Creator

4- TubGet

 TubGet is another great web service that allows its users to perform several tasks such as :

  1. Download videos from around 100 websites
  2. Select video resolution, video quality and audio quality
  3. Choose from 7 different output formats
  4. It is free and  easy to use
  5. It does not require any registration

5- Easy YouTube Caption Creator

This is a service that , as its name suggests , allows users to add caption to Youtube videos. When you finsih working on you video you can save it or share it with others

6- YouTube Disco

This tool allows you to play two YouTube videos at the same time and control their volumes too. You can also queue up videos in a playlist. It is really a funny kind tool

7- Wadswort Bookmarklet

Using this tool you will be able to open any Youtube video and skip the first 20 to 30 seconds depending on the lenght of the video.....

8-  Six Tools to Convert Youtube Videos to MP3

This  is a list of some of the best free tools you can use to convert Youtube videos into MP3. .....

9- iDesktop

iDesktop is a great web2.0 tool. It allows its users to “watch, download,organize and create custom players with YouTube videos that can be embedded in websites”......

10- OrbitDownloader

OrbitDownloader is a powerful web2.0 tool. It allows its users to download any piece of media instantly and easily. It is like iDesktop....

11- Listen to Youtube 

ListenToYoutube is an online tool that allows its users to convert YouTube videos into audio files and provides them with a link to download it.

12- A Cleaner YouTube

A Cleaner Youtube is a great tool for educators. It is a browser extension that works with chrome, Firefox, and Safari. This extension deletes distractive features around videos and make them more attractive....

13 - Quiet Tube

This application removes all the fluff and distractive features around YouTube videos .....

14- Silent Tube

Silentuberemoves all the  visual noise on YouTubeViddler and Vimeo pages and provides you with the ideal atmosphere to really focus on the content of the video ....

15- Viewpure

 It removes all the distractive features around YouTube videos . These features include : promoted videos, related videos , ads , and comments .......

16- YouTube Safety Mode

YouTube Safety Mode is an option setting that prevents potentially objectionable content from being displayed....

17- Tube Chop

It is all about chopping Youtube videos and selecting the parts of a video you would like to share with your students or colleagues .....

18- EmbedPlus

This free application facilitates the embedding , editing and customization of youtube videos. EmbedPlus enables its users to start their videos at a chosen time , skip self-defined chapters, and add captions and annotations. ....

19- SafeShare.tv

It allows you to crop videos before sharing them ; and not only that , it also removes distracting and offensive features around youtube videos....