Kids Planet Free Lessons and Resources on how To Protect Wildlife and The Environment

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Defending wildlife and protecting the environment is the responsibility of every citizen in this planet. But being a teacher this responsibility seems even bigger. There is a lot that can be done to sensitize and teach students on  how to love their environment and keep it healthy. Kids Planet is doing a great job in this regard. It has several sections that cover different aspects of wildlife. Every section has free resources and materials. I will be going through these sections below .

There is a section called Defend It . You can use it to have free access to resources to use in your classroom. You will also find tips and pieces of advice on how to deal with the topic of environment.

There is also a great section called Teachers Table featuring lessons for kids in elementary Level

Wild Games is a section featuring different games , puzzles and animal tests for kids.

Cool Stuff is where students can print out colouring pages to learn more about animals and environment

Get The Facts is a section where students can learn about the endangered species from all around the world.

The Web of Life is a section where students can read a story told by a common garden spider.

Please share Kids Planet  with your colleagues and let us all participate in saving our environment.