Howjsay Learn The Pronunciation of Any Word in English

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Howjsay is a pronunciation dictionary of English words. As I have already mentioned in an earlier article entitled Map your Voice, pronouncing the English words correctly is one of the biggest challenges facing English language learners. I have been a teacher of English for more than eight years and I know exactly how frustrating mispronunciation can be for students.


Imagine you are reading a short story at home and every time you stumbled upon a new word that you do not know you would straightforward look it up on the dictionary and you would note down its meaning in your notebook. Perfect now you know what that word mean but do you know how to say it ?,Would you decipher it from a native speakers talk if ever he said it in a sentence ? Well chances are most of the English words are not pronounced as they are spelt and unless you master phonetic transcription which most of learners do not, you would have difficulties uttering new words correctly. This problem is solved with Howjsay. Just type in any word and you will get it pronunciation instantly. Technology has facilitated our teaching and learning so much.

Head over to Howjsay and give it a try