Google Released Inclusive Booklet for Educators

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Google has recently released a great resource for educators everywhere. It has amassed all its education programs from primary school to university as well as a suite of free and open tools that " reach families and classrooms around the world" into one place called " Google in Education: A New and Open World for Learning ".

google for education

This new and all inclusive booklet from Google is meant to highlight how Googlers all around the globe are using Google products to enhance and develop teaching and learning. It covers debates and subjects ranging from physics to fiction. I personally see new  this move as a simple reaction from Google towards Apple,s latest releases which are mainly iBooks and iBooks Author. Geoole is feeling a strong competition coming from Apple in the domain of education and is now trying to shift this focus towards it services and we wont be surprised if we hear about new releases from its education department in the near future. Anyway, we do not care who competes against whom and all we want is a good service that lives up to the educational needs of this digital era.

For more information about Google s products for education and to help you stay updated about their future releases in education I would direct you to their website