Google Image Ripper Provides Better Image Search

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Google Image Ripper is a web tool that allows its users to search for and download images. It is not associated with Google in anyway except that it uses almost the same  search algorithm. Google Image Ripper "improves on the existing Google image seach tool by allowing you to safely and easily search through the results as thumbnails and also offers  a gallery of full-size images without having to surf to each website."

google image ripper

Performing  an image search using Google Image might look bloated and slower compared to Google Image Ripper. What I really do not like about Google Image is the fact that you always need to go to the source website and click on the full image to see it all or download it. I know this is paying credit to the source but adding their links under the image is all it takes. Imagine you want to download several images, you will spend a lot of time just going in and out of the search page and the website. Google Image Ripper works on this and provides you with search results in a minimalist layout display featuring thumbnails with a download link so you do not need to leave the seach page to download the link.

Head over to Google Image Ripper and give it a try