Google Earth 6.2 Great New Features

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Google 6.2 is  the latest version of Google Earth released yesterday ( 26/01/2012). This new update has several new features that improve the overall viewing experience of its users and lets them virtually explore the globe in  new intuitive ways. It provides seamless imagery with an advanced search functionality that never existed in the old versions. Google 6.2 has also introduced for the first time the ability  to share images from withing Google Earth  using Google Plus.

The following are some of the new features you will find in Google Earth 6.2 once you start using it.

  • Images are no more patchy. Google Earth 6.2 uses a sophisticated technology to provide a refined imagery that " preserves the unique textures of the world s most defining geographic landscapes".
  • Google Earth 6.2 provides the best earth viewing experience to both mobile and desktop users
  • It allows its users to share a screenshot of their current view in Google Earth via Google+. To use this service just log on to your Google account in the upper right hand corner of Google Earth and click " Share ".
  • It offers the autocomplete feature to its search functionality with several search layers showing all the relevant search results and not only the top ten as used to be before.
  • Google Earth 6.2 has also added biking, transit and walking directions.

Download Google Earth 6.2 and start exploring the world.