Google Digital Tour Videos, Presentations and Docs on how to Stay Safe Online

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Back again to online  safety. As you have observed here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, I would, from time to time and  in the midst of web 2.0 tools and mobile apps, post an article about the topic of Online Safety given its importance for us in educations and its sensitivity for many parents. Today I am introducing you to a real treasure, a website that will definitely help you open your eyes to many issues dealing with cyber safety. Google Digital Literacy Tour has been designed specifically for educators and teachers or at least a big section of it targets teachers and students and that is why I am including it here after all.

google digital tour

iKeepsafe that is entirley dedicated to educating  families on how to keep safe while surfing the web has teamed up with Google  to develop a curriculum that educators can use in their classrooms to teach digital responsibility.

Here are some features of this curriculum

  1. It is believed to be interactive and discussion filled
  2. It includes hands-on and scenario activities
  3. It has several workshops and each workshop contains "  a resource booklet for both educators and students that can be downloaded in PDF form, presentations to accompany the lesson and animated videos to help frame the conversation  "

Here is a snapshot of what every workshop has

google digital

Watch this video to learn more

Head over to Google Digital Literacy Tour to learn more.

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