Free Tools to Create Professionally Impressing and Visually Appealing Resumes

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Technology is advancing quickly and anything that does not keep up with this pace becomes outdated. Now that the tech world is at its peak, text based resumes  no longer fit in and seem to be going out of fashion. Several jobs depend on social networking profiles while recruiting people. To increase your chances in this highly competitive job market and stand out from the crowd  you need to let technology spice up your resume with visually rich infographics.
If you are a creative job seeker who is  always looking for ways to distinguish himslef/herself  to potential employers and probably get their attention then try out these free tools.

All the tools below require you to have an account with them. The process is free and quick. The tools are tested and proved to be good .

1- Kinzaa

Kinzaa lets you build a visually rich infographic  with colors, charts and pictures. All your information will be presented in an interactive and appealing interface. You will get a uURL in the form of that you can share with others. It requires sign up

2- Resunate

Resunate is a cool web tool that allows you to create impressing resumes. Once you are logged in you will have to provide your personal information like: contact information, educational background,work experience ..etc. Click on create your resume  and select whether you want it for a specific job or an open resume . You can either print it in PDF format or send it to an employer online.

3- ResuneBaking

This is a user friendly website that helps you create nice looking resumes online. It does the same job as the previous ones. Once you are done customizing your resume you can then share it online or download it as PDF file.

4- Jobspice

Jobspice lets you build your own resume quickly and easily. You can add style templates and customize it the way you want and when  you are done  can then print it as PDF or share it online with others.

5- CeeVee

this a cool tool for creating appealing CVs. It does the same job as  all the previous tools and lets you share your finished CV with others online or print it as PDF.

6- VisualCV

This tools allows you to build a web based, engaging dynamic and professional resumes online. You can include audio, videos, graphs, information pop-ups, digital career portfolio and more, all in one page.

7- Sample Resume Template

As its name suggest this tool lets you create and upload your resumes to a highly customizable templates. and share them with others online.

8- Emurse

Emurse lets you crate, manage and store your resume online. You can distribute your finished resumes in multiple formats such as PDF, Doc, RTF, HTML and TXT.

9- Resolio

This tool lets you create and publish your resumes online. The only downside of this application is that it can not let you download  resumes to a PC

10- Praux

Praux allows users to build their own resumes online on the subdomaine they choose. It offers several customization options like other tools.


This is a one click Linkedin service that lets you create nice and eye catching resumes based on your Linkedin profile. It is not a two way sync so nothing will be saved back to your Linkedin after you have finished it.


This tool is similar to for they both  help you build nice resumes out of your Linkedin profile information.