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Creating cartoons and comic strips for educational uses can be quite  interesting task. It obviously pushes the reluctant students to participate more and rub  the dust off their brains. Students love to work in groups and compete with each other especially when there are motivating incentives for them. One of these incentives is the integration of comic strips into parts of your lesson.

Thanks to web 2.0 technologies , educators and teachers will never run short of new innovative ideas. There are a bunch of free to use technologies that can be used with our students to create an educationaly healthy environment full of both fun and learning. After the success of the article Free Tools to Turn Pictures into Cartoons,  today I am sharing with you another article which is a  list of some awesome comic strip making tools that you can use for free with your students in the classroom. Every tool has been covered in separate post, just click on any title to be directed to its tutorial.

1- Witty Comics

Witty Comics is a cool website. It allows its users to create two characters dialogues. This is a great learning tool for students

 2- Pixton

Pixton is a cartoon creation tool that allows its users to create awesome comics. Pixton has also a growing community that anyone can access to contribute with their own comics.

3- Make Belief

Make Beliefs is another awesome comic strip creation tool. It resembles Pixton for they both provide their users with a variety of tools to edit and generate their cartoons.

4- Chogger

 Choggers has a good editing tool that allows users to create their own cartoons out of imported photos. Users can even hook on their camera and snap images to edit on Chogger. 

5- Cartoon for The Classroom

Cartoon for the Classroom is a great resource of comic strips for educators and teachers. This is a website created by the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists ( AAEC ). It provides a variety of lesson plans based on cartoons created by the members of AAEC

6- Anmish

Anmish is a fun web application. It allows its users to create funny animations using caricatures of political figures.

7- A List of  Free Tools to Turn Pictures into Cartoons

Here are ten useful and free web tools that enable you to turn pictures and photos into cartoons and share them with others.