Facebook Video Player Watch Videos and Read Posts Simulatnaeously

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Facebook Video Player is, as its name suggests, a chrome extension that allows its users to play Facebook videos without having to put their Facebook browsing to pause. What actually happens when you want  to watch a video on your wall is that the moment you start playing it, you can no longer scroll down or up because you will not be able to see the video. This is a feature that bothers many users and I am one of them too. I do not like to spend several minutes doing nothing but watching a video, sometimes the video is only audio and does not really deserve that pause.

If you are a Chrome user which I hope you are given of the importance of Chrome, then you will no longer have to paralyse al your Facebook activity to watch a video. Using Facebook Video Player will enable you to both  watch a video and  scroll   down through your Facebook posts.

After you install the add-on and restart your browser. You will see that any video you will play within Facebook will be shifted to the right pane away from the centre posts section.Go ahead and check your posts while the video is up there playing. I think you might be in need of such a tool too. Head over to Chrome store and install Facebook Video  Player.