Explania Free Resource of Instructional and Educational Videos and Animated Explanations

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Explania is a great website that provides animated explanations. These explanations are included in videos and interactive infographics. I have been  going through some of the clips it offers to its users and I was amazed by the high quality content it has. I am thinking this could be a great resource for teachers and students.
You will find explanatory videos  covering different topics such as biology, social media, geography and many more. Explania even lets you share these videos with others or embed them in your website using a generated HTML code as I did below.

It is completely free to watch and share the videos on Explania . You can also register with them if you want and have your own page where to organize clips and interact with others.

Head over to Explania to learn more.

Here is an explanatory video about the heart and how its functions taken from Explania .

The Human Heart - Explania