Drawpr Share Files and Docs for Free

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Drawpr is a cool website that allows its users to upload and share their documents with friends and colleagues. This is a tool I have just discovered and I am adding it to the list of free File Sharing Tools I am collecting in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.

Drawpr is free and easy to use. It offers an empty bucket that can be filled with docs and files. Users can just drop and drag their docs into that bucket and this latter will generate a link for them to share with others. The uploaded files can remian in the bucket for up to 28 days after which they will be removed if no action was done.

Users can benefit from the services of Drawpr without even being signed up but in case of registrations, users will be able to host their files for a longer period and they can also have much freedom in managing their docs and files the way they want.
Head over to Drawpr and give it a try.