The Best 10 Tablets for Educators.

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 The world is going mobile and so teaching and learning. We no longer talk about the use of only " traditional technology " ( computers and laptops ) in education for this is taken for granted but there emerged a growing need for the use of smart mobile technology. The majority of students now use a mobile device of some sort. Stats show that 95 of k-12 students in the United States own a phone.In fact these numbers are not surprising for we have a direct contact with students and we know exactly how much they use their phones and how excited they get to check out their phones the first thing when they have their break.

Educational Technology experts and curriculum designers are shifting the focus towards levelling this mobile technology into our classrooms. The move is still decent but promising. I said promising because we strated to see signs from the prominent world companies like Samsung and Apple trying to gear parts of their technology towards education. Just recently,  Apple has announced the release of iBooks 2 and iBooks Author that are considered to be the start of a digital textbook revolution.

With all these developments going on you might be asking yourself which mobile gadget I should get for myself to keep me  swimming  with the current. This is a hard decision to take alone especially that most of you are educators and not mobile technology experts. Anyway, there is always someone to hep. I am a teacher sharing with you the same pedagogical background but I am also a web2.0 and mobile technology  researcher. I have recently launched a website, The Best of Mobile Technology,  that is designed specifically to cover all the news, tips and reviews of the latest things in the mobile sphere.So being able to combine the technical part together with the educational background I think I know exactly how to help educators in their daily endeavour to implement technology into their work. In this regard I will be posting a series of articles to help teachers make their best decisions when it comes to what mobile gadgets to look for. Today's post is the first one of its kind to cover Tablets and will hopefully  help you answer the question which tablet to buy.

In   The Best of Mobile Technology,  I have a section there called Tablets Review where I make reviews of the best Tablets out there in the market and from this section I am selecting you this list of the best ten  tablets. Just keep in mind that for you to get a good tablet you need to always  look into features such as :  screen size ( 10.1 inches is the best ), The micro processor power in GHz the bigger the better, see if it is a dual core or quad core with the last one being the better, camera pixels, and video power that is calculated in pp, USB port, kind of operating system it runs....etc. I know the design is not a big deal for many people but yes you can also take it into account.

Here is a list of the best Tablets. Click on any title to read the entire review. I ordered the tabs according to their importance.

1- Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 ( This tab has just been released a couple of weeks ago in CSE in Las Vigas )

2- Asus Eee Pa Memo ( This is also just some weeks old )

3- Acer Iconia Tab A700 ( this is also just a couple of weeks old )

4- Apple's iPad 2

5- Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

6- Motorolla Xoom 

7- Blackberry Playbook

8- LG Optimus Tablet

9- Sony Tablet 

10- HTC Flyer Tablet

If you have suggestions or questions feel free to contact me and I will be glad to give a hand.