AudioLiterate Read and Download Free Ebooks

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AudioLiterate is a new website that offers both free and paid ebooks. This is a great resource for students and teachers. The materials AudioLiterate includes are high quality and its users interface is student friendly. Users have the option to either listen to the audiobooks on the website or download them into their devices for later use.
AudioLiterate has a search functionality that enables users to search for and find ebooks they want. They can use author's name, genre or listing ID to refine their searches. What is even cooler about this website is that it seperates paid ebooks from free ones. Sol when you are searching for an audio book you will have the choice to either fetch results from the paid pages or just free ones.


On Audioliterate main page you will find a special section devoted to Featured Free Audiobooks where you can browse through the popular free ebooks as rated by users. There are also several categories to choose from such as : Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Fairy tales, Dramatic works..etc

I do recommend this website to teachers and students. Head over to Audioliterate and give it a try.

Watch this tutorial I made to Learn more.