Appgravity A Great Search Engine for Apps

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Appgravity is a great web service. It is a sort of search engine for mobile apps. For the time being Appgravity pulls in all its results from Android market but will soon include other third party participants such as Amazon. You might argue that you could as well search directly on the Android Market but Appgravity has more filtering options and offers a cleaner, intuitive and user-friendly interface. As it develops further, there will be further reasons to use this service, for it will offer price comparisons, best places where you can buy an app, Widgets and plugins for the likes of Blogger, Wordpress, Eclipse and Netbeans.

You can use Apgravity to search for apps by  name or by keywords. The results it fetches are organized in categories and are selected according to : order of relevance to the query made, age, rating and number of downloads. When you find the app you are looking for , a button allows you to send a link to the Download or  ( for paid apps) purchase page on the market.

Head over to Appgravity and give it a shot.
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