Alphabetimals Learn English Alphabets

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Alphabetimals is a cool website. It allows its users to learn alphabets in such a funny and easy way. Alphabetimals is a compound word made of two terms: Alphabets and Animals. This website has been designed with the purpose of teaching kids how to learn alphabets and say them correctly using a wide range of audio clips. Kids will also be abale to learn different names of animals associated with alphabet letters. For instance, the letter E is associated with Elephant ...ect.


Alphabetimals also provides its users with the ability to listen to the sound of each animal that is associated with a certain letter.There is also a humourous typer down the page that writes your words using  the Alphabetimal Characters where each chacter is represented with its respective animal.

Overall Aplphabetimal is a great site for teachers. They can use it to teach their kids  both alphabets and animals. It is user friendly and has so much appealing colours and materials that your students will love for sure. Give it a try.