All My Books A Desktop Library for your Ebooks

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All my Books is a personal data base software that allows its users to store, and organize their ebooks right in their desktop.Internet is ripe with free ebooks and PDFs and you might have already amassed a number of them in your hard drive. The thing is when you do not organize these ebooks they get stored in places you might easily forget. Sometimes you want to check an ebook that you have installed somewhere on your computer but feel lazy to go around  looking for it. With All my Books, every ebook will be available in clean organized shelves that will pop out at your eyes the moment you  open the software.

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All my Books is a kind of a library on you desktop where you can organize your ebooks.The only thing with this software is that it did not come completely free and you will have only a 30 days trail period after which you need to pay $39 to get it. I think if you like the service and have the means to afford it then It is really worth it.

To start using All my Books you need to head over to its main page and download the software. Once installed you can then start uploading your ebooks from your hard drive.For every ebook you uploaded , you will need to provide its title, binding, number of pages, etc.You can even add your own categories and fields to make it easy for you to organize your data.When you want to look for an ebook you have already stored in All my Books , you will just type in its title and there you go.

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