ActivePresenter A Free Screencasting Software

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ActivePresenter is a cool web service. It is a screencasting software that allows its users to record everything that is displayed on their screens. I am adding this tool that I have just discovered to the list of Free Screen Casting Tools I have been compiling here.
Screencasting services are great tools for educators. They can be used to create awesome tutorials and presentations. I know most of these tools are not free but at least we have a bunch of free ones now in our hands that we can use to do many things. ActivePresenter has two versions one is paid with many more features and the other one is free with less features. We can content oursleves with just the free version for it is generous enough.

Some features of ActivePresenter

Here is a lis of the main features that ActivePresenter offers to its users:

  • It has a free version with intersting features
  • It is easy to use
  • It has a user friend'y interface
  • It lets you record full motion video with high quality resolution
  • It lets you capture screenshots with simple mouse clicks
  • It lets you generate appropriate annotations for each action
  • I ha no watermark
  • It lets you change, add, remove, parts of your video
  • It syncs audio, video and overlays
  • It lets you share your videos with other
  • You can also upload your video to popular video sharing sites

Here is a sample video output to learn more about ActivePresenter

Head over to ActivePresenter and give it a shot