Urgent : Secure Your Twitter Account.

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Today as i was cheking my mail i found out one coming from a site i am subscribed to. It is callled Total Defense and is a global leader in malware detection and anti-crimeware solutions.. As an educator and technology enthusiast i am so much interested in  issues such as cyberbulling and cybercrimes. I use technology in my teaching and blog about it too and the security of our kids when they are online is one of our utmost responsibilities that is why being sibscribed to Total Defense will keep you abreast of the latest updates in the field of cybersafety and online security. I do recommend it for you.
Now back to our ship. The email i got from Total Defense was about how to keep your twitter account safe. Guess what ! as soon as i finished reading the article i discovered that i was a victim of a " cyber crime" that is why i am trying to draw your attention to this kind of fraud. If you are a twitter user and i know most of you are then be aware that there is a spam email that is being automatically delivered to many users in the form of "Tabitha Sanchez (peacefulslick80) is now following your tweets on Twitter” 

This girl that is following your tweets is noone else but a freak so watch out Tabitha does not exist and she is only a robot. curiosity would drive you to inquire about the people who follow  your tweets and honestly speaking i always try to inquire about my followers because i hate to be followed by someone who has nothing to do with what  I write about , i know those people are just spaming you. As soon as you click on that link you will be redirected to an adult illegal meeting website.

 This is just a trick to get people to sign up with this dirty site now imagine it was one of our kids who got the spam?  This is the real danger , we as educators need to pay so much attention to what we tweet and what tweets follow us. Never trust those nice worded emails coming from unknown senders.
The Total Defense Research Team has recommended the following preventive measures:

  • Never trust every message coming from social network. A good deal of skepticism is the best practice.
  • Never click on the links obscured by TinyURL or similar tools if you do not know the source of the message. In this case we have been lucky because we have been redirected to an adult website. What if the referring website was a malicious site hosting malware?
  • Consider implementing an additional security layer such as parental control software." Taken from Stay Safe With Your Twitter Account.