7 Educative Gadgets For Children

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Playing is an integral part of children's lives. So instead of giving them those toys that may even pose harm to your kids, why not get educational gadgets for them? Here are 7 educative gadgets for children.

1.     1   Kiddie laptops

Computers can be very educational. SO to prepare your child for technologically-inclined learning, you can give him a kiddie laptop. There are many brands of laptop for kids. There is the VTech Buzz Lightyear laptop, Fisher Price laptop, Barbie B-Smart laptop and a whole lot more. These laptops have simple controls that feature the alphabets, numbers, colors and shapes. Kiddie laptops are best given to child 3 to 8 years of age.

2.    VTech Mobigo

When it comes to educational toys, VTech seems to lead the market. Aside from their kiddie laptops, VTech also have the MobiGo Touch Learning System. This gadget looks like a qwerty mobile phone that enables a child to play fun, educational games. It has applications about English vocabulary, spelling, mathematics, and a whole lot more. VTech MobiGo is a perfect present for kids in the preschool.

3.     3 e-Book readers

One of the latest gadgets that is rapidly getting popular in the market are e-Book readers. e-Book readers are small gadgets that can store lots of stories, articles, and other literary publishing. Reading greatly enriches a child's mind so an e-Book reader is a gadget that you can give your kid without feeling guilty.

4.       4 Celestron Skyscout

One of the most interesting subjects to kid is the universe. It may have happened that they threw a question at you about the stars and you ended up not knowing the answer. If you do not want this scenario repeated, then you can give your child a Celestron Skyscout gadget. It can identify thousands of planets, stars and moons in the sky. It also is loaded with useful information and fun trivia.

5.    5   Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS is one of the gadgets that every kid would like to have. Although some may think it is just another game console, Nintendo DS actually supports brain training and games that your child can learn from. So just get a Nintendo DS and fill it with educational games for your kid.

6.      6  3D drawing pads

Children love animations so this very affordable 3D drawing pad gadget is really good for them. One drawing pad contains 3D paper that really makes a drawing pop out and be true to life. To hone your child's drawing skills, give him a 3D drawing pad, a pen and 3D glasses and let him be captured by his creativity.

1.    7    Bellybuds

Did you know that you can educate children even before they were born? Yes, indeed. Research studies show that an unborn baby's hearing sense starts to get active as early as 20 weeks. That is why Bellybuds are introduced to the market. Bellybuds are much like earphones that you plug into your ears to listen to music. The only difference is that the bellybuds are attached to a pregnant woman's belly. Science claims that unborn babies retain what they heard up to 1 year after they have been born. SO why not get bellybuds to educate your child in the womb and he may even become a singing protégé in the future.

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