Watch2gether , watch the same videos together

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Watch2gether is a cool web 2 application. It ,as its name implies , allows its users to watch Youtube videos simultaneously. You can now share and enjoy youtube videos with your colleagues in real time. I am including it here because educators can use it with their students. They can for instance create groups of students and select an educational video to watch together in preparation for a general open discussion in the classroom.

Some features of Watch2gether

Here is a list of the main features that Watch2gether provides for its users;
  • It is free to use

  • It is simple and easy to use

  • It allows its users to watch videos simultaneously

  • It provides chat facility for users

How can i get started using Watch2gether ?

It is very easy. Just head over to Watch2gether main page and pick up a nickname. A virtual room will be created  together with its public URL that you can share with your friends. Once they visit the URL they will need to provide their own nicknames before starting to watch the same video in the room.
The right pane of the room allows you to chat with your friends while the center pane is where the video is played. You play new YouTube videos by providing their URLs.