TwitTV- watch twitter trending videos easily

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TwitTV is a cool video site . It allows its users to watch trending videos that are being shared on Twitter. Just imagine how hard it can be if you want to select a video from the thousand links that are daily shared on twitter. It is almost next to impossible to get pertinent results. TwitTV has been designed specifically to solve that problem.




Once you visit the site TwitTV automatically begins the playback in a video area that expands according to your browser’s dimensions. It allows you to either filter videos based on the tweets of a particular region or country or you can filter them according to hash tags ( A tag embedded in a message posted on the Twitter micro blogging service ). It also lets its users skip video topics or move on to watch other videos of the same topic.

What i really like about TwitTv is the fact that once you start playing it you just sit back and watch , you do not need to do anything , videos are being played by themselves giving you a totally different Tv experience you might have never felt before.

Here is a snapshot of what it looks like: