NoteRec – Android app to record audios and take notes

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NoteRec is a cool Android mobile app. It allows its users to  take  notes at meetings. It also enables them to record audio versions of meetings they attend. Before we used to use diaries to jot down notes but when we want to revise these notes it becomes hard to distinguish which notes belong to which meeting. With NoteRec, you can record the audio of your meetings and take notes during the recording using your phone.




What are the notes for when there is an  audio recording? Good question , the notes act as textual annotations to the recorded audio. Yes you can now listen to the audio and read the text you have written. I think this app is really very important and educators need to consider using it in their work.

Some features of NoteRec

Here is a set of the main features that NoteRec offers to its users:



  • It is free
  • It is easy to use
  • It has an intuitive interface
  • It allow users to record audio and take notes of meetings they attend
  • It lets you trace back meeting notes to their source.
  • It is compatible with Android devices.

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