MinorMonitor, protect your kids from facebook

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With the advance of technology and our growing dependence on internet in our daily lives, there emerges a urgent need to monitor and select the things to keep us safe in the treacherous water. Kids are even more vulnerable to digital influence. Studies have proved that kids use social media on a larger scale than others. Facebook is at the top of these websites.

As we know Facebook is not safe at all and can ruin a kids life if not used properly and under adults supervision. MinorMonitor is a tool to help you control your kids activity on Facebook. It acts as a proactive measure to save what can be saved. It is a free and simple to use web service that connects with your child’s Facebook account and displays the account details to you. These details include
status updates,
friend lists,
an activity graph,
checked in places, and alerts.
The site also automatically analyzes and identifies possible bullying, drug use, solicitation, and profanity.

Here is a video for you to learn more