A List of some of the best Music websites + download, listen, search and share songs for free

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Today i am introducing to you a set of the best music sharing web tools. All these tools are free and easy to use. They can allow you to listen and share music with your friends through a real time listening. Educators can use these tools to educationally share and study songs with their students as well.

Here is the list of the music tools:

1 – Wavelenght



Wavelenght is a great web application that allows its users “to play songs, watch videos and chat live”. It does not require any sign up and it is very easy to use. With this tool you can listen to the same song together with online friends and create playlists and edit songs as you like.

2 – Tubemystuff

This app is different than the others in the sense that it allows its users to store music on PC and listen to it on iPhone / iPad.

3- ListeningRoom

ListeningRoom as its name implies is a web application that allows its users to share music in real time.

4 – Tape.tv




Tape.tv is a great music channel that features high quality music videos from  your favorite artists. It lets its users to search for similar music using criteria such as genbre and artist name.

5 –  Outloud

Outloud is a great web tool that allows its users to share music in real time. There are many tools that let you share music with your friends and colleagues either using emails or other social sharing buttons , but with Outloud you can add the ‘ real time’ features to your sharing

6 –  Songza

Songza is a great musical web2.0 site .It allows you to search and listen to any song or brand you like . It is a collection of radio stations that ordinary users like you and me together with some experts from songza site have created

7 – Listen Music



Listen Music is a music site that lets you search, find and listen to music online without having to download any software. It does requie a sign up to create your free account where you can organize songs into playlists.


8 – Mugasha


Mugasha is a cool online application that lets its users listen to music sets online.. It displays music songs from DJs alla round the world.

9 – FlavorTunes



FlavorTunes is a little bit different in that it allows its users to send interactive invitation to their guests which provides them options to select their favorite songs for the party. so if you are planning to organize a party then FlavorTunes is your solution.

10-  Soundsleeping



Soundsleeping is a great music website. It offers relaxing and nature sounds that can help in reducing stress levels and make you sleep easily. It also allows its users to mix tracks such as bonfire, creek, bird song, rain, ocean… etc with drums, flute or vibe.

11 -  Puniz



Puniz offers over  500 million audio tracks all of which are legal to download. Most of these songs are availabe on youtube and are in the form of a video. You can listen to the song on the website or download it as FLV, MP4 or 3GP which are ideal formats to be used on portable devices.

12 Soundzit



Soundzit is another great music site that lets its users search, listen and embed music online. It is consedered as the audio version of Youtube and claims to list over 300 millio