A List of some of the best Cartoon Making Tools

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The following are some of the best Cartoon Making tools. Due to the growing readers of these tools i finally decided to gather them together for you in a neat and accessible single page so that you can get back to them anytime you want. Educators might use these tools to create caricatures and cartoonic pictures to share with their students in the classroom. I know how important visual aids are in education and applications such as the ones mentioned down are just what we really need to spice up our learning and teaching. Feel free to bookmark and share the list with your friends and colleagues:
1- Cartoonizer

Cartoonizer is acool web application . It allows its users to create funny cartoon version of their cats in seconds

2- Automatoon

Automatoon is a great web application. It allows its users to easily create animations. These animations can be reused anywhere on the web.
3- Cartoonatic


Cartoonatic is a great mobile app. It allows its users to turn their videos into cartoons using different cartoonish effects.
4- Anmish


Anmish is a fun web application. It allows its users to create funny animations using caricatures of political figures

5- Host-d.oddcast


Host-d.oddcast is a great image editing tool . It allows its users to embed their pictures and cartonize them into 3d avatar .

6- Write Comics

Write Comics is a good web2.0 tool for creating comics . It resembles Strip Generator , the tool I have covered before in a poste entitled  Strip Generator the easiest way to create comic strips .

7- Convert to Cartoon

Convert to Cartoon is a cool website to use with your students .

8- Toonlet

Toonlet is another strip generator tool that we can use in education .

9-  Strip Generator


Strip Generator is a great web2.0 site in education . It lets you create your own comic strips with such an ease that anyone with a little technology knowledge would do it in a couple of minutes .
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