A Gmail Tip to Better Handle your Emails

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Gmail has never stopped from amazing us with its handy and easy to use features. Today , Gmail blog has introduced a new tip to better benefit from its free services. The star system is a tool that you can use with your messages to sift them through. For people who get loads and loads of messages into their inbox making them unable to keep track of all then the star system is the best solution. There are stars with different colours , green , yellow, purple, red, orange, blue and many more others , now when you get an eail from a relative you can  mark it with a green star or so and the same with the rest of the emails. In this way  the categorisation of your emails will be visible. It is really a handy tip that you can apply to your inbox to make it feel lively and effective.

How can i get started using Gmail star system ?

It is very easy to use. Just head over to your gmail inbox and right at the top bar you click on Settings then General and  scroll down to the “Stars” section.
Select which star icons you want to use and drag the stars to the appropriate spot in the lists.
You can even look for messages with specific stars by using the search box gmail has at the top bar. Just enter the following queries and all the emails marked with that colour will show up;

If you want to learn more head over to Gmail blog and read their article.