Four free apps to find lyrics on your iPad and iPhone

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Here is a list of some of the best ways to find song  lyrics for your iPad. With these tools you can read and enjoy the lyrics of your favorite songs. Educators can also use this list to find lyrics of songs they want to teach to their students.



iLyrics is a cool mobile app that allows its users to  find lyrics within iOS apps. The only problem you would encouter with this app is that it does not lyrics for some songs.



LyricFind is another mobile app that allows its users to find lyrics to millions of tracks  and right from their mobile devices. It offers several services such as; Bookmarking favorite lyrics, viewing artist biographiesand photos and viewing charts of top lyrics and artists. It also lets you  search by artist, song name or the lyrics themselves. It is completely free and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Instant Lyrics

instant lyrics

Instant Lyrics is an app that works for safari and costs  $1.99. It is accurate and delivers better results because It utilizes multiple lyrics search engines in Safari to search for the lyrics you’re looking for.

Instant Lyrics quickly finds the words to any accurately tagged song on your device. No matter how new or old the song may be, Instant Lyrics uses the id3 tag to search the web and find your lyrics in any language you want.



SoundHound is indeed my favorite. It is a free app that can find lyrics of songs beng played in real time. It also can identify songs by listening to it play on another device, such as the radio, TV, etc. What is even greater is the possibility it offers to users to search songs using their own voice; They can just sing or hum to it then it instantly comes up with the songs. You also lookp up a sing by typing in the name and the artist. In short , it is a great app by all means .
These are the best apps features in MakeUseof if you have other suggestions then share them with us here.