Application Protection - Protect your Android

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Application Protection is a cool mobile app. It allows its users to lock their mobile and prevent any unwanted access or infiltration. The problem with mobile phones is that some would forget it home or somewhere and other might have a free and unlimited access to your info and personal data. You might also leave it somewhere where kids might get to it and accidently change some settings or delete  messages or do other kinds of damage. There are other people that might even go  beyond this to instal  some app or malware you do not want.
Now with Application Protection you will forget about all these worries for your mobile will be completely protected.

Some features that Application Protection offers to its users ?

Here is a list of some of the main features that This tool offers to its users:

  • It is free

  • It is easy to use

  • It has a user friendly interface

  • It allows its users to lock their mobile applicationson their devices

  • It offers amethod of authentification consisting of four digit code

  • It sends you an email containing your unlock code in case you tried ten times to log in with no success

  • It does not consume so much battery

I would really recommend this app to you . Just remember there are bugs sometimes and the app is not yet fully developed so problems might occur.