Android Trojan – Learn how to secure your Android

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I have just read an article written by Adrian Kingsley Hughes in ZDNET talking about an Android Trojan. Honestly speaking , i never thought that the Android’s security system might be affected with such kind of malwares but it is the virtual world and everything is possible.
The Trojan was discovered by Security Firm Ca. This malware can log calls, record conversations and even send them away to undesired people. It is really a serious security failure from the part of Android makers. There is only one way to protect your phone and secure your calls and private info, it is knowing how this Trojan works.

When you start receiving multiple requests for granting permissions to certain apps then this should raise a red flag for you. Once the malware is installed then ‘it installs a configuration file that contains remote server access information.’ The microSD card in AMR files where the conversations are stored is now completely open to the malware which means that your calls will be tracked.

The best way to protect yourself is to make sure to which request or app you grant permissions. Some of us when installing an app keeps clicking on next and next and next till it is done. Now you need to change your mobile habits and stay alerted to what you are installing on your android.
“As it is already widely acknowledged that this year is the year of mobile malware, we advice the smartphone users to be more logical and exercise the basic security principles while surfing and installing any applications.” said Security Firm Ca.
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