Wiki Summarizer – Get The Best Wikipedia Results

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Wiki Summarizer is a great application for educators. It automatically summarizes the Wikipedia articles using keywords. It also provides a list of related articles to your search query. These summaries are stored in a relational database for users to explore instantly and easily.

Some features of Wiki Summarizer

Here are the features that Wiki Summarizer provides for its users. this is just an excerpt from their official website: ( taken from Wiki summarizer about page )
      1. efficiently search across ALL Wikipedia pages for references to your topic

      2. download the summaries as text for your research, publishing, learning and blog writing

      3. download the summaries as mind maps for instant visualization in your favorite mind mapping application

      4. take notes – quickly collect topics and sentences from all contextually relevant Wikipedia pages

      5. speed-up reading by condensing each article to the essential keywords and summaries

      6. make a long story short – the summaries headline most important sentences giving instant information capsules

Applications of Wiki Summarizer in education

we all know Wikipedia is a great resource for both teachers and students. It is probably the primary springboard for students online searches. With Wiki Summarizer , Wikipedia will have a another feel and students will love it for sure  . It will enable them to get the best results all summarized in one page and accessible at the instance of a click. Their broad topics will now be narrowed down and so much time will be save.
That’s it about Wiki Summarizer – get the best Wikipedia results.