YTTM : Search Videos By year and Genre

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YTTM which is believed to stand for Youtube Time Machine is a cool website that allows its users to search for videos by year and genre. This is in fact very helpful for history teachers . They can use it to look for video clips to use in a certain lesson.The results are great and to the point but remember this website is still in alpha mode so chances are you might be running into some bugs or disfunctionalities from time to time .


Some features of YTTM

Here are the main features that YTTM offers to its users :
  • It is free

  • It is simple to use

  • You can log in with your facebook account

  • It lets you search videos by date and genre

  • It features many different categories like : Video games, TV, Current events, Sports, Movies and more

How can i get started using YTTM ?

It is very simple just :
  1. select a genre,

  2. select a year,

  3. watch a video.

That’s it about YTTM : Search Videos By year and Genre.
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