Today in History : Keep track of the major historical events

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Do you want to know the major history events that happened on this same day then Today in History is there for you . This cool website is a great resource for teachers and not only history teachers but all the interested teachers who care about professional development ( i hope you do care about it because it is very important to keep you going ) .


How does Today in History works ?

Today in History  features on its main page the important historical events on each day . The page turns over to the current day and date to give you a hint to what happened today in the past . The leading story is featured with multimedia frills .
On the left hand column there is a smart categorization of the significant events of this day in history . Browse through the different topics to peek at the events you are interested in . Not only that , you can also have This day in history delivered right into your inbox .
You can also use the calendar to jump back and forth in time to view events you might have missed before . The site also features TV Shows, games, and videos .
Head over to Today in History and discover more .
This is the leading  story of may 4

Applications of Today in History in education

Today in History is a very important site that teachers should be aware of . It goes without saying that the primary teachers concerned here are the history teachers but as i said above we can all have recourse to it . We can use it to keep track of the major today in history events and share them with our students .
That’s it about Today in History : Keep track of the major historical events .
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