:Snip and Share Your Favorite Parts of Webpages

Posted in Labels: , is a cool web2.0 tool . It allows you to capture and share the best snips from your favorite websites . Just highlight a portion of a text in a webpage and clip it . You can then share the clipped portion with your friends or colleagues or use the generated URL to embed in an email for others to see . I love this tool because it lets me share my favorite parts of websites with my colleagues . You can try it too and see by yourself .

Some features of

Here are the main features that offers to its users :
  • It is free

  • No registration is required

  • It lets you snip portions of a webpage

  • You can add comments to the snipped parts

  • You can share these snipped portions with others using a generated URL

Application of in education is a very important tool that we can use in education . You can use it to share important parts of a page you think will help students in their learning . what is great about is that it enables you to add comments to the snipped text and in this way teachers can share not only portions of a webpage but add comments ,instructions or even reading questions . I like so much and i am quite sure you would love it too .
That’s it about :Snip and Share Your Favorite Parts of Webpages.
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